Belief Systems Along the Silk Roads

WEB LESSON This activity asks students to reflect on similarities and differences among belief systems. Using excerpts of translated religious texts, students are asked to organize these quotations into broad themes. The quotations will be posted on a Silk Roads map as reminders of how cultural interchange and belief systems are represented in the ancient and contemporary world.

Tet: Let's Get Ready to Celebrate

WEB LESSON Learn about Lunar new Year in Vietnam and why it is an especially good time to review good manners. Elementary

Taking a Closer Look at Religions Around the World

WEB LESSON This Teaching Tolerance lesson offers a starting point for exploring religions and faith traditions, creating an ongoing respectful dialogue about religious tolerance. By helping students understand the roots of varying faiths, we help them to better comprehend the reasons behind divergent national and international religious beliefs. This lesson includes activities and projects that are easily expanded upon through further research and is designed to encourage in-depth study of these topics over a longer period of time.