Maui and the Creation of the Islands

WEB VIDEO & DISCUSSION QUESTIONS The discussion is based on the provided video of a Hawaiian storyteller. The people of Hawaii have told this story to their children and grandchildren. What attitudes about the land and sea does the story embody? What lessons might the children have learned from the story? Elementary

The Raven Story

WEB VIDEO & DISCUSSION QUESTIONS This video, adapted from material provided by the ECHO partners, presents a telling of the Tlingit myth, "How Raven Gave Light to the World." The story is told by Shirley Kendall, originally from the Alaskan village of Hoonah. It is illustrated with video of Native dancers and Alaskan scenery, as well as with images depicting Raven. The discussion questions support the short online video.

Woods Canyon Pueblo - Life on the Edge

WEB LESSON The descendants of the ancient Pueblo people are members of a number of different Native groups living in the northern Southwest. The Hopi live in several pueblos on three prominent mesas in northeastern Arizona. The Zuni live in a large pueblo in western New Mexico. In addition, there are 18 pueblos in the Rio Grande valley in central New Mexico. In this activity, you will hear from four Native Americans and learn about Pueblo culture. Students read the stories of four Native Americans and their perspectives on the past and the present. The key questions are: What do these native people value and/or hold sacred? How does each person show respect for the these values and/or what is held sacred? How

Native American Cultures Across the U.S.

WEB LESSON Access web pages through EDSITEment-reviewed websites. This lesson uses children's literature and the webpages on EDSITEment for students to learn about many aspects of Native American life, including beliefs and sacred activities.

Anishinabe/Ojibwe/Chippewa: Culture of an Indian Nation

WEB LESSON This lesson guides student to research the geography, culture, traditions and legends of one large Indian nation that is known by three names. Students will discover that many elements of culture and historical legends are describe or honor what is sacred. Elementary- MS